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RAVENS (-12) over Browns: Woot! The real referees are back and there will be no mistakes of officiating ever again! (Not true.) The end of lame Foot Locker jokes emanating from the stands! (Nope.) Finally, a rousing victory for labor standing on principle in the face of arrogant greedy capitalists! (Sure, if you have a high-paying job as your primary income.) What a job by Roger Goodell, finally listening to the people and putting an end to this! (Breaking down to your bosses that this was not a battle worth fighting against a group that had the financial wherewithal to wait until the leverage swung in their favor would have taken some foresight and a willingness to take on your bosses in their own interest. Of course, who wants to fight their boss? It’s a pain.)

Anyway, now that America has a renewed appreciation for the rare and unique set of skills necessary to officiate NFL games, at least until the first time someone in the Ravens’ secondary bitches about a pass interference call, time to get to the matter at hand: the Ravens D is not what it once was, but as the immortal Steven Jackson once said to Robert Griffin III: this ain’t the Big 12, son.