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Home team in caps! I’ll do may blathering during the picks. Whether this is helping my writing is debatable, but my mediocrity is not! 7-6-1 last week, and a big screw you to Jim Harbaugh for last night’s decision, getting me off to a 0-1 start.

BILLS (-3.5) over Titans: The comfortable victory for Chan Gailey and Co. will totally make up for repeated showings of the Music City Miracle.

Cardinals (+6.5) over VIKINGS: It’s nice to see Christian Ponder feeling good about his personal life these days, but he can’t be feeling good about facing a Cardinals defense that knows they have to carry John “Not-So-Red” Skelton.

COLTS (-2) over Browns: The Browns and Colts go wildly back and forth on a week-to-week basis between pundits saying “They are so awful” to “They are showing some signs of life and making this a season!” Therefore, going with the home team.

Ravens (+7) over TEXANS: Baltimore’s reliance on Joe Flacco and the offense to carry them to the Super Bowl is now complete, thanks to injury.

Packers (-5) over RAMS: a lot of people see good things from the Rams, especially on defense. That’s nice, but did you see Green Bay last week?

PANTHERS (+2) at Cowboys: Ron Rivera. Jason Garrett. Tony Romo. Cam Newton. Thus could be the ugliest, most inexplicable final four minutes of a game this year.

GIANTS (-6) over Redskins: Bob Griffin and the boys will give them a game, but Eli Manning will take full advantage of the Washington defense and pull away.

BUCCANEERS (+2) over Saints: You saw what Josh Freeman did to the Chiefs, who beat the Saints at home.

PATRIOTS (-10.5) over Jets: This will bait all gamblers into taking the Dolphins next week, and that’s where they’ll all get killed, as the Jets win in hideous fashion because they may be not good, but they’re not as hideously bad as they deserve to be. Don’t say you weren’t warned. Well, no one reads this, so you haven’t.

RAIDERS (-6) over Jaguars: So why didn’t Tebow want to go to Jacksonville instead? Blaine Gabbert doesn’t have playoff victories and a head coach in his hip pocket to protect him. When’s Henne time coming? Not that you people care.

BENGALS (+1) over Steelers: No way, Pittsburgh, you’re not getting me to pick you on tradition, QB, and coach recognition after last week’s debacle.

Lions (+6) over BEARS: I’m not betting on a Lions win as much as Lions late rally.

Best Bets: Colts, Ravens, Buccaneers

Last week : 7-6-1, 2-1-1 Best Bets
Season (including Thursday): 49-40-3, 10-9-2 Best Bets


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