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Heard in the elevator on the way up to work today:

Latino Guy: So yeah, man, it’s fucked up.

Black Guy: What happened?

Latino Guy: Well, they sideswiped my car, man! Scratches all along the side and everything.

Black Guy: Oh man, what was it, a Lincoln?

Latino Guy: A Cadillac.

Black Guy:Noooooooo! (hunches over in disbelief as he and Latino Guy leave elevator)

Honestly? This went from a nuisance to a tragedy because it was a Cadillac?!? I think I would have found this incredible regardless of the race of the guy, but the black guy escalating the level of the tragedy sadly took it to a new level for me.

I’m no car guy by any stretch, and I know Cadillac has the name recognition in the lexicon of American culture, but is there really a difference? Lincoln been a luxury manufacturer since its inception in 1917…by one of the founders of Cadillac. It’s been making presidential limousines forever!

So what’s the damn difference, dude? You know, other than your need to embody old routines from chitlin’ circuit comics?


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