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We need hope! Bob Hope!

We need hope! Bob Hope!

NBC is just not what it used to be. After ruling the ’80s and ’90s with “The A-Team“, “The Cosby Show“, “Cheers”, and “Seinfeld”, the decent showing of “The Office” is what passes for good news in the entertainment division. Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien, the “Today” show and the Olympics pretty much seem to be propping up the whole damn network.

But while watching “Football Night In America”, I saw a couple of promos for the fall season that caught my eye.

First, they brought back “Chuck“. People must really be tuning in to see if the goofy nerdy guy ever really does get with the hot chick. While saving the world, of course. I never watched this show, and, ironically, the hot girl is what held me back. The premise, a nice little play on “knowledge is power”, would have been fine on its own. But nooo, they had to throw in a hot girl that the guy pines for. I personally have never benn a fan of these storylines, especially on a TV series. It’s just tiresome. How about getting him a looks-appropriate love interest? Ok, like TV ugly, but still. Instead of Chuck constantly eyeballing a chick he can’t have every stinking week slowing the show down, how about he have a bookish girl who understands him or something? At least it would be differerent. And I emphasize, she’d be “TV ugly”.

Then, there’s the new Knight Rider. Whee. But why do they call it “Knight Rider: The Series”? Last I checked, there wasn’t a Knight Rider movie, unless it went in and out of theaters with Eric Bana as Michael Knight, Hugh Grant as the voice of KITT, Sir Ian McKellen or Alec Baldwin as the old dude who was Michael’s boss from FLAG (I believe that’s the Foundation For Law and Government, but we don’t do so much fact-checking here), and Hot Brunet of the Moment as KITT’s mechanic, who of course flirts with Michael, but is having trouble competing with the bad guy’s girlfriend played by Hot Blond of the Moment, played by Middle-Aged Slumming British Actor. So, once again, why do they have to remind us that it’s “The Series?” What’s next, “Manimal: The series?”

But the most glorious moment of all came when my buddy Adam K dropped his serious conversation about music with my roommate Diddy to exclaim, “Christian Slater has a series?!” Yep yep! Christian Slater stars in “My Own Worst Enemy“. Or as I like to call it, “True Lies: The Series” (see, that makes sense). He apparently plays a normal, Jack Nicholson-imitating family dude who has a double life as a guy who spies and carries big-ass guns. I’m sure he also steals secrets, protects us from the terrorists, and as any successful operative must, flirt with evil skanks who can’t see past the cash they’re getting for a new Prada bag to the fact that they are helping to destroy our way of life. But of course Christian can’t sleep with them, he’s a happily married man. To a woman that’s probably “TV average housewife” hot. Slater hasn’t made the streets this safe since “Kuffs”, y’all.

It seems like NBC is squarely aiming at expanding the young male demographic they seem to be pulling in from “Heroes”…if those same viewers suddenly suffered an inexplicable brain injury. NBC is clearly targeting males with these hour long action dramas. I’m not positive as to why they’re trying to become Spike TV, but hey. they gotta do something, right? Let’s see how this develops.

Oh yeah, and by the way, take a good look at this post, Sarah Palin fans…this is sexist media coverage. Especially take note of the casual objectification and reduction. You know what’s not sexist? Dead-on impersonations by Tina Fey.


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