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abc wednesday!

These shows are being promoted like hell by the Mouse, for some reason, on the L train. I am pretty sure I have ridden in a car doing nothing but pimping these shows for ten to fourteen consecutive workdays. Having seen none of these programs, I can’t hate on them, only their promotion.

Wait, I’m Well Whiskey Friday, what am I saying?

I’m guessing there’s some kind of dead person in “Pushing Daisies”. Let’s hope it is not the writers of the program, or Chi McBride’s career. I couldn’t name the lead actors if they showed me government-issued ID, and I’ll bet it’s one of those shows where the guy and the girl thoroughly love each other but can never bone. Until they do. (see: Files, X.)

What can I say about “Dirty Sexy Money” that the title doesn’t give away? Except what the hell is Donald Sutherland doing in this crap? Not to mention Peter Krause? Or Blair Underwood? Lucy Liu has been reduced to this? When William Baldwin looks like he deserves to be on your show, you got problems.

“Private Practice” is a “Grey’s Anatomy” spinoff, meaning the only private practice you’ll really have to worry about on the show is whether the leading lady redhead prefers one guy at a time or has a rotation of strapping gentlemen callers.

abc wednesday! Premiering october 1st, check your local listings.



  1. suck my cock.

  2. Oh, Billy. At least you’re not Stephen! I mean, he was in “Posse.”

  3. suck my big cock.

  4. You should’ve shown it off in “Sliver”…

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