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I had, for many years, been a believer in the wisdom of the free markets (up to a point). For example, I’m not surprised that corporations are figuring out that there’s money in going green. As consumers continued to grow  more and more environmentally aware, what quicker way for most of them to make an actual impact than changing their consumer habits? So it makes sense that companies be aware of this, recognize the market for this and make money off of this while hopefully actually helping the environment.

But somehow, after all these years, how come no one’s stepped up with the next energy source that’s going to power our transportation, our cities, and our economies? I understand it’s not easy, and I’m sure peopleare out there working on it, especially now. (When they’re not pushing for more drilling.) I guess waiting for the explosion in gas prices is the invisible hand’s way of saying, “You can’t keep relying on this oil, people.”

The problem with waiting for the markets to correct themselves, I guess, is that when the correction comes, people actually end up getting hurt and the correction becomes a crisis. But can the government step in and avert a crisis, or prepare for it? I mean certainly, someone should have stepped up by now and said, “Long term, if worldwide petroleum production drops, our economy’s going to get wrecked. We should make some preparations.” But it appears we didn’t, so we had to wait until a crisis to get in gear (hopefully).

This brings me to the, and I’m not going to be kind and mince words here, doofuses, who think drilling for more oil will solve anything. Both candidates are simply pandering to you fools because they believe you’re too dumb to understand things about basic petroleum production and too shortsighted to think in a long-term way about energy policy. Which apparently, you are. It’ll take years to get the drilling up and running, and who knows how much oil is actually out there? And do you realize that the oil’s going to run out and we’d have to tackle these problems anyway?  Well, probably not.

The country that takes the lead on these strategies and technologies will probably have a big hand in driving the global economy. The next Bill Gates is very likely going to be the guy or gal who figures out how to create energy without fossil fuels, or maybe with less of it. This seems pretty obvious, right?

But maybe not to the market yet. But just because the market sometimes doesn’t listen and see what’s in front of it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t.


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