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This was on my tumblr, but this seems more appropriate for this site, I thought…

I don’t mean to be a morbid asshole, but when President McCain gets elected in November (to the general shock and horror of many of you…), you know he’ll be alive for, like a year and a half, and then he’s going to croak, right? Then it’s President Palin, working grandma and leader of the free world. Then, hilarity ensues.

Look, it can’t not happen. The country that gave us the wacky sitcom can’t not have it’s first woman President under these circumstances! It’s so perfect for Julia Roberts’ TV comeback! And throw in the daughter with two kids: her new baby and her lunkheaded, hockey-playing, mullet-wearing husband! Perfect! You can’t ask this to be scripted any better.

“Black President” was fun for a while, but let’s face it, in most shows and movies with a black president, it usually means super-serious times, where looming danger is ahead (“24”, “Deep Impact”). I mean Russia is acting up, you never know what Al-Qaeda’s got planned, and I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t sleep on that crazy-ass Hugo Chavez down in Venezuela.

But with the Republicans protecting us from the terrorists and all, there’ll be nothing to worry about! Except when is Sarah Palin’s doofus son-in-law going to get a job? First dates! What the hell does the first husband do all day?

All these questions and more will be answered, say, sometime around September 2010…just in time for the new fall season!


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