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In the elevator today, where they have the Captivate network, they showed a picture of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. Oh, and Ashton’s sorta-stepdaughter, Rumer Willis. Together. like a family. At some sort of premiere or Hollywood gathering.

Look no one has to cry for Bruce Willis, what with his hundreds of millions of dollars, and the fact that he inflicted “Hudson Hawk” upon us. But he can’t see pictures like that and be happy, can he? Rumer, in the picture, looks to be a blossoming young woman, and who does she have around as a male role model/father figure? The guy from “Punk’d”? Who seems what, about five, maybe even six years older than her?

Kudos to him for not going crazy, and, at least publicly, being quite magnanimous about this whole thing. Lesser discipline might have driven some dudes to drinking binges, domestic violence, kidnaping, running up massive strip club bills, and strange hair coloring. It probably helps that he’s a movie star and being a trouper is the smart way to go career and PR-wise. But you’d be shocked how many men can’t see the forest for the trees when it comes to their old flames and their families.

So, bitter divorced guy, the next time you’re sitting in your apartment mad that your wife kept the house and is cougaring it up with some young punk, and you decide, “Hey maybe I should kidnap the kids!”, think to yourself: What would Bruce Willis do?

That you can afford, of course.


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