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I just wanted to say to all those Brett Favre supporters in the media who think Aaron Rodgers should just sit there and suck it because Brett Favre wants to return and that’s that, I hope that someday, someone decides to take away your column and yor paper/tv station demotes you to covering high school lacrosse to make way for some hotshot becuse well, he’s a legendary sportswriter who wants your job and then you can suck it becuse life’s unfair.

Let the Packers trade Favre to another team and let’s just get on with our lives, please. Brett Favre in a Ravens uniform will not mean the end of the world and the tarnishing of the franchise. There was a Green Bay Packers before Brett Favre. I know we now all think they’re some no-name expansion franchise that started in 1993, but there was this guy named Vince Lombardi who won a bunch of titles in the 1960’s. I wonder what he wold think of this. I wonder how he would deal with a selfish quarterback drunk on his adulation from the media big-timing a guy who worked hard in the offseason to prepare for his chance.

You think Vince Lombardi would put up with this nonsense? Well, maybe you people should remember who he was first.


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