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I was reading this New Republic piece about the disparity in male to female ratio in modern-day China, an unintended consequence of the the one-child-per-family law, where, unfortunately families, desirous of males, who can carry on the family name, often aborted or, outright killed female babies.

That of course, is very sad, callous, and speaks ill of humanity on a major level. But, I know what you’re wondering: How did this article affect Well Whiskey Friday?

Nice segue, right?

There was one line in the piece, written by Mara Hvistendahl, that said, “Eternally single men, by extension, maintain high levels of testosterone–a recipe for violent civil unrest.” This quote followed cited a study that men’s testostrone levels drop once they become married.

The article goes on to try and describe the possible social implications of having a society with a disproportionate number of men who will not find wives. (Hey ladies, you want a guy who’ll be grateful to have you and treat you like the precious diamond that you are: Get a guy from China!) But, being (somewhat) slightly self-involved, I couldn’t help but think: “So, if I don’t get married soon, I’ll just stay like this? Have I waited too long?”

While I maintain that I’m pretty sure I’ve never met the right woman, I’ve never really, overly desired to get married. I just think I lack that certain overarching need for constant companionship in general that extends to having a wife, and possibly kids. I don’t think it’s anything against having a wife, as much as I just need my space pretty often. Heck, I’m writing this at a remote location just to avoid my roommates.

But, I thought that, at some point, the testosterone would kind of wear down as I got older, and domestic life would sort of appeal to me. Recent events seem to be pointing to otherwise, as I make indefensible romantic decisions and cause massive trouble for myself.  So, is there a point of no return?

On the other hand, the idea that you lose testosterone as soon as you get married the way a car loses resale value as soon as you drive it off the lot isn’t going to entice a lot of bachelors to go get married. It’s one thing to say that marriage softens and civilizes a man. It’s another thing to say that you physically lose testosterone by getting married. That is just no good. I’m sure some right-wing family group that isn’t giving money to John McCain can donate some of that scratch to disprove it.

A while ago, I wrote on my old blog about “the old bachelor” problem for older single people, who , set in their ways, become even more picky about finding a mate, compounding their less-likely-to-settle-down status. But that was about just being used to living your life a certain way. I never said anything about staying in a constant state of high testosterone. If the human body is going to add that to the equation, there may be no hope out there.


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  1. Hm. Maintaining this level of testosterone more permanently doesn’t sound like such a bad thing from where I sit, and also may help chemically explain my similar sentiments.

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