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Sometimes, just when you think things are going are your way, that things are turning around, and that the there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, you get a rude wake-up call the light is a train, and it’s continuing to head in the same direction you can’t seem to stop going in.

Not to bring everyone down, of course.

Anyway, last week, my friend and I walked into a bar where there was dancing on the bar. One of the ladies dancing on the bar caught me nodding off a little bit and not paying attention to her dance skills. It was a late night indeed, and a school night, but there was no excuse not to look at her, except I was tired. I turned down her suggestion of a shot to wake me up, and found the whole thing amusing.

Later as I came back from the bathroom, she grabbed me, and we struck up a conversation for quite some time. Not only was she attractive, but she seemed intelligent and funny as well. Someone I would like to get to know a lot more, I think, on some level…yes, either the cheap tawdry one that lasts for a fleeting evening or a maybe, just maybe, a special one that lasts quite some time and adds depth and shading to your outlook on life and your experiences, no matter what the outcome. One never knows.

Anyway, I went over to make sure my buddy was okay. He said he was fine, except for the fact that the bartender, who we were familiar with, was treating him quite coldly. He had gotten her phone number in some drunken episode quite a while back and had apparently never called her. Oh well. I didn’t think much of it.

So I went back to the young lady. Quickly it dawned on m as things were different. Very different. As in , “I have work to do and have to get up early” different. When I asked if I could get in contact with her again, I was told, “Maybe you should ask {bartender’s name}, she’ll let you know.” I went home stunned, too drunk to realize what had happened.

I had my earth salted! More precisely, I had been cockblocked by a vengeful bartender. All because my buddy had never called her. Great. Way to exact revenge on him. Ohhh, strike another mightly blow for sisterhood, you showed that womanizing bastard up good by cockblocking some dude who was not even there to see the number exchange! Woooo! You got his friend! That’ll keep him up nights! That’ll learn him!

Well, another mighty blow for the female race, as I’m sure that woman will find somebody much more deserving with less antagonizing drinking buddies. What a rescue on your part. Congratulations. You’re our latest Random Person of Recent Times! And by congratulations, I mean hitting women is wrong, so I wouldn’t consider it, so I’ll just harbor this grudge until such time as a proper but classy revenge can be extracted.







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