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It’s incredible how much influence the Bush 43 White House has had on American politics. Yes, administratively and in every other practical way, it’s been a failure. But if we have learned nothing from George W. and his posse, we have learned that if you keep hammering the same message home over and over and stay “on message” people will eventually begin to believe. Talking the talk in short, easily catchy sound bites will beat walking the walk any day of the week. A strategy the Bush administration has used from the beginning, presenting things as inevitable and true because you keep saying them was very effective in pushing ineffective policies.

And now, Hillary Clinton has picked up the ball by making people believe that she could still get the Democratic nomination. She keeps hammering home her electability, and she keeps hammering home how important her cause is for women and that if you say she she should look at the writing on the wall and that she should probably get out, you are wrong and obviously sexist.

I guess that’s easier than saying:

“Look, we were caught flatfooted, okay? Some no-term black guy Senator from Chicago who won his seat because his opponent tried to take his wife to orgies gives one decent speech at the 2004 convention, and all of a sudden he’s got the biggest money-printin’ machine since Starbucks Coffee! How were we supposed to know he had a more organized and disciplined organization than a Nazi with OCD in Iowa! Then he gave some more awesome speeches, he got in good with the young kids who think a black president is possible because of “24”, and he started winning all these primaries. They probably think he’ll hire goddamn Jack Bauer to head the NSA. Now my, er, our only hope is that the superdelegates realize he can’t win when the average white working-class guy goes into that voting booth and, despite that fact that John McCain is tied too deeply with the party that has spent most of the last decade running this country into the ground, just can’t pull the lever for a black man to president. ”

So she has to keep riling up the feminists. Making the case against the eventual nominee. Hoping and praying that Obama makes a mistake of major proportions. Like a highly favored football team who underestimates her opponent, only to find themselves deep in the fourth quarter needing a series of improbable turnovers, Hillary Clinton still has a chance. At least that what Bill keeps telling me.







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  1. I’m still a little bummed that Huckabee won’t be our next president. We need a leader who’s not afraid to point out that evolution is just a big, giant lie.

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