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If you miss the days of Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor


A different kind of \'pen

like I do, you can’t not be excited about what’s going on in the Bronx, where a salt-and-pepper comedy duo for a new generation has emerged. Now appearing nightly in the last year of Yankee Stadium, it’s Kyle Farnsworth, 





and Latroy Hawkins!











(sorry that LaTroy’s photo is larger, but Kyle’s taller in real life.) Anyway, after years, of honing their comedy acts as “reliable relievers” on the smaller stages like Detroit, Atlanta, and Chicago, they’re finally together on the big stage! These guys make “Who’s On First” by Abbott and Costello seem like a eulogy by comparison.

And now that director Joe Girardi has decided to take Joba Chamberlain out of the eighth inning to start, enjoy the laughter as the Yankees rely on these two to piece together a bridge to Mariano Rivera. If you thought “Silver Streak” was a dangerous cross country trip, wait until the team’s West Cost swing! The only one that’ll be “Stir Crazy” is Hank Steinbrenner! The fans will “Hear No Evil, See No Evil” as the team careens toward .500! (Decorum and respect demands we not make an “Another You” joke”.)


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