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Ok, let me just get on the record for my first sports post of any sort in ages. Yeah I used to be on Sportsblahg, then tax season happened, then I forgot my password, then I stopped blogging entirely. (Big ups to the Nate for keeping things alive, by the way.) If I can get back into some sort of groove here, maybe I’ll try jumping back on the ‘blahg by getting Chris to give me my password, which, no doubt, he will change to reflect the current pitiful state of the Yankees. Until then, these two nuggets.

I’m not saying Willie Randolph doesn’t deserve to be canned, because the team has performed poorly ever since last July, pretty much. Just know that it’s not actually going to fix the Mets. For all the carping about the big salaries the Mets have, other than Johan Santana, who’s really getting the job done? Willie Randolph is going to teach Delgado and Beltran to hit in a timely fashion again? Is Willie relieving, since the ‘pen hasn’t exactly been lights out?  The fact is the Mets are a flawed team in that they rely on too many old guys. Any team that has 1,008-year old Moises Alou as an essential part of their plan is screwed from the get-go. But look, I’m sure Jim Fregosi or Bobby Valentine will turn this thing around. They’ll light a fire under the butts of the old veterans…after it melts their hemorrhoids.




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