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Well, unless I find a way to incorporate it into a new, warm-weather look, the final days of the humongous H&M scarf, affectionately referred to in some cirles as the Doctor Who scarf (for the sci-fi geeks), and as the Rent scarf in others (musical theater folk, at least the ones that don’t hate “Rent”) are upon us.

Today it was 60 degrees, and it’s only beginning to tick upward. It’s April, so I suppose  it’s only going to continue getting warmer. This weekend, I will probably try to incorporate it with a lighter jacket or something.

If it can’t continue, well, it was a good run. It didn’t get lost, it didn’t end up being made off with, and it didn’t wind up being used as a kinky sex restraint. Congratulations. This is the first scarf that made it all the way through a winter for me. For that, we’ll always have fond memories. It’s been real.

For the unfamiliar, I’d throw in a picture, but I’m too distraught right now….

…okay, my new camera phone sucks, and apparently sends pictures by Pony Express. Leave me alone.

The scarf, plus Brian Van

(Ok, here’s one hastily taken from Facebook, courtesy of Ha Ha Sound. Snf!)

(Ed–It finally arrived! Eh, not so good.)

Bottles? I don’t see any bottles!


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