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It’s like his daddy told him…

Of course, I had to go by Arrow for Triviotic, East Village Idiot’s brand new trivia night sensation that’s sweeping the nation. Well, not yet, but I’ll cross my fingers that it does well. Anyway, our team finished second to some band of chumps called “In Kwotes”.

(Yes, I am openly trash-talking after a loss. I mean, if you learn nothing else from the NBA, right? I kid!)

For winning second place, we won a copy of Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine. Yeah, contain your excitement. This is clearly not one of the titles they’d be rumormongering about on Gawker. Still, it’s a prize, and it’s free, so I took it home. Here’s an online taste of this fabulous second prize.


So, what did I learn from this publication while waiting for the L train? (They are still persisting with this “service on one track after midnight” thing, even though I never see any work being done on the other one.)

  • Debris from failed tires is really hurting the image of the trucking industry.
  • Jack Schenendorf says that ‘Failure to act would be catastrophic to this nation’, apparently about the infrastructure of our interstates. Excuse me if I am not quite as worked up about it.
  • Even conservative icon Paul Weyrich believes that raising taxes a little bit is necessary to keep the roads in shape.
  • Our Transportation Secretary is named Mary Peters.
  • These aggressive road salts are no joke. Corrosion needs to be stopped in its tracks.
  • Some of the readers think the issue of driver fatigue is not getting nearly enough coverage.

Fascinating, huh. I learned so much about trucking, I’m inclined to go over to, the online trucking social network, so I can chat about these issues. Okay, not really.

But as we tried to spin our second-place finish last week, “If you’re not trucking, you’re sucking!” I can’t wait for next week, when second-place will apparently be a copy of “Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Weekly” and a free subscription to their podcast, “Hot Air.” If you show up next Monday, play to win!



  1. Next week, we finish 1st!! And hey, can you bring one of the little subscription cards to the trucking magazine? I’m thinking about giving it a whirl.

  2. I can’t wait to take you down next week. Truck you!

  3. I’d like to see an article on social networks for the freight industry. As for now, the only social network I know related with cargo and trucking is and this is a community of people who actually tweet a lot.

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