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With Mike Huckabee finally accepting the reality of that wicked secular pagan god known as math, John McCain is now all but official as the Republican presidential nominee. That alone made it a good night for him, but the even better news for him is that the Democratic nomination race is looking like it’s going to continue for quite a while.

With Hillary Clinton winning Ohio and doing at least respectably in Texas, she can now justifiably continue battling for the nomination all the way to the end, no matter the outcome in Texas (undecided as of right now). This means whoever is the Democratic nominee at the end, whether it’s decided by the voters, by the superdelegates, or by rock-paper-scissors (refereed by Jimmy Carter), will probably be beat up a little bit.

Not only will both candidates have to put their resources into battling each other, they’ll be providing fodder for Republican talking points along the way. Meanwhile, McCain will have time to get his conservative base voters the message, “Seriously, you know you’re voting for me. Stop fronting.” So despite all of the troubles of the Republican Party and all the talk of ideological crack-ups, the war, and the recession, they are positioned pretty well to take back the White House right now. They managed to select the one guy they had that was actually electable, and the Democrats look like they’re going to immolate themselves all they way to the convention.

Of course, all this could change at the drop of a hat, so you never know. But as of right now, John McCain is actually sitting quite pretty. There is a country for old Presidents. Well, as long as he doesn’t turn senile at some point during the State of the Union and start rambling on about meeting his father in a dream.


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