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And now, the semi-regular post where I help my friends who have stuff to pimp out. Not that this website directly contributes to it, but both efforts seem to be doing well, so why not continue to help out with all this exposure? Okay, it’s more like a guilt/superstition thing:

This week, see “talented” performers at a gong show, judged by marginally more talented performers and a drunken, rowdy audience. It’s another Dana event, which means I can sorta kinda promise you sketchiness.

If you’d rather win prizes the lazy way, Twenty Feet Productions is still giving away one trip to Hawaii, donated by a patron of the arts, in a raffle and using the rest of the money and using all the proceeds to help put on their sure to be talked about fourth season. Either way, whether you’re supporting theater for the people or supporting a mai tai, you’re a winner.



  1. Ahem, because I’m a fundraiser for the theater company, I want to make clear that all the money raised from the raffle will go toward the nonprofit. The Hawaii trip was donated.

    Which means 100% of your contributions will go to Twenty Feet Productions’ fourth season, folks!

    Wow, I just did that.

  2. I stand corrected, DB. Truth in advertising is very important.

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