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Yes, it’s time for this year’s annual Black History Month post, and talk about your black history! It’s finally time for me to take the idea of people electing a black president seriously.

Yeah, I’ll admit despite the fact that I have lots of white friends who are not racist, not ignorant, and not closed-minded, I thought most of them just got kicked out of where they came from for such ideas and moved to New York.  (Kidding!) Despite evidence to the contrary, I just didn’t think it was possible. I don’t know why, I guess you never want to trust “the white man” 100 percent. Unfortunately, centuries of disappointment will always make you leery of complete and total optimism when you’re black, and while I am generally not as pessimistic and as guarded as many African-Americans when it comes to race (generally hardly at all), this was the one area where I was just like, there’s no way this is happening!

And as long as there are “superdelegates” out there, I guess it still could happen. Sort of. But it wouldn’t be because of racism, it would be a simple coup by party bigwigs pledged to Hillary Clinton, which would leave many Obama supporters bitter and disappointed, and that might lead to who knows what come the fall.

I think Democrats (this is purely outsider observation, I am an independent) have been waiting for their Ronald Reagan. After, really, fourteen years or so in the wilderness as the minority party, they sense that their moment is now and a charismatic man bringing hope to lead them back is fast becoming appealing. I’m amazed how much my friends who support Obama really seem to believe in him. I am a bit older than most of these people, and at this point, I’m just happy if the president isn’t screwing up. But there’s something about wanting to believe in a leader, and Obama’s got that quality. Clinton’s also got that quality–unfortunately it belongs to Bill, and he’s ineligible.

So, while I admit to still being slightly unsure, the fact is, come November, we could have a black president. And that in itself is pretty historic. I’m not sold on him yet personally, but I’ll make that decision if he wins the primary (it’s up to you Dems to decide who you want, it’s not my business, for the most part). In the meantime, what was left of my cynicism seems to have dissipated a little bit more, which is always a good thing.

Okay, that was the good of Black History Month. Later, the bad: Flavor of Love 3.


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