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If you make more than one set, presumably if you live in an apartment building (presumably a front door followed by an actual apartment key), immediately get those two keys in different sets on different rings in a brightly lit area. Like the hardware store or shoe repair place that you are getting your keys made. Yeah, you’re thinking, what kind of idiot would put the same keys on a key ring later that evening and not even be drinking?

This one.

I managed to place my two apartment keys on the same ring. I only realized that I had failed to give myself a copy of the front door ring, of course as soon as I closed my front door. If you saw a guy outside of an apartment on Grand Street in Williamsburg berating himself loudly, that would have been me.

Don’t be like me.

Otherwise, you get to leave an awesome ’80s singalong to go crash with some girl, and the only pussy you get to play with is her in-heat cat.

The more you know….


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