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Now for the portion of the show where, as David Shuster or Xzibit would say, I pimp some of my friends’s activities.

First, not only does this guy put on top-notch theater productions noticed by such publications as The New York Times, now he gives away tickets to Hawaii. All you have to do is help support his theater by buying raffle tickets and you might could possibly go to Hawaii. More likely, you’re supporting a nonprofit theater company that is trying to bring this fine art to the masses. After you’re done buying a ticket to dream this wintry day, go check out the rest of the website and some of the work they’ve done.

Secondly, if you read the previous piece, you know I help my friend Dana put on the occasional show. This week, it’s Disco Crisco Twister. A very special edition, apparently, as it’s the Make Out Party Prom. Well, it’ll either be good clean, wholesome fun (utterly disappointing), or the rollicking VD rodeo we all know we’ve been waiting for (I don’t know about you, but I’ve been looking to take a sick day). In either case, it won’t be dull. If you’ve got President’s Day off, swing on by. 


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