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So, seriously, while I wasn’t paying attention, were all the rules of American film comedy abolished?

Apparently, another dagger at the heart of real film humor comes out on Friday, the latest in a series of parody films. Never having watched a single second of these movies (I guess it starts with “Date Movie”, then it was “Epic Movie”, and now “Meet The Spartans”), it appears that they are made on the cheap with no-name casts and b-list celebrities willing to whore themselves out, and all they do is make fun of movies you might not have even seen yet.

To which I say, has it come to this?

Have we really gotten to the point in our self-referential, pop-culture addled society that the need for some semblance of originality is gone, all that needs to be done is to refer to the happenings of the past two weeks, throw in a few cheap pratfalls and dick jokes, and voila! We got comedy?

I guess this was eventually going to be the result of the rise of the pop-culture reference. It’s gone from occasionally used in a deft and artful manner to some fool badly impersonating Donald Trump going “You’re fired” to Spider-Man (?).

Where are the guys who made “Airplane!” They must be rolling over in their graves! Whaddya mean they’re still alive? Honestly? That’s a shame. Regardless, we all do it now; you can’t display some sense of knowing your culture in this day and age unless you do so. But to do so without context and without originality in no way, shape or form means that we may have post-modernly painted ourselves into a little corner here, no?

It’s one thing to use the past as the fuel to move forward. It’s another not even bother going forward, but to just throw in a gratuitous poop shot or hot piece of ass and call it comedy.

I mean Family Guy does that, but at least what semblance there is of original plot is at least driven by the poop and shock value. I love the show, but let’s be real, without pop culture references, you’ve got a third-class “Simpsons”. The show seems to have barely just enough original material oftentimes for a screenplay credit.

But, in the end, I guess I’m asking, are these movies actually funny? I mean, I’m not really old enough yet to foresee the end of the world just because a few crappy comedies are being made. If that was the case, existence as we know it would have ended around the time Chevy Chase made “Deal of the Century”. So, they’d better bring the funny, so someday in a future far, far away, maybe some second-rate hack screenwriters can rehash their rehashing of pop culture, then throw in some jokes about poop, global radiation, and sex with androids, and make a fortune.


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  1. The best part about these movies is this: with pop culture references like that Chris Crocker guy the script was probably written three months ago. Figure two months of shooting and post production to get the “special effects” just right. It will be released in theaters for a week and on DVD next week. That’s a three month turn around from first written word to Netflix. Just bad.

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