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Well Whiskey Friday sponsors You Make the Call, where he has a choice of two social/events with friends and can only pick one. First, the dillemma is presented, and then, You Make The Call. Then, what happened is to follow. 

Tonight I had a choice between going to my friend Dana’s annual post-holiday season regifting party and my longtime former friend and roommate John’s for Wednesday poker night. It was a momentous poker night, it was the first one since he had become the proud father of Charlie, a 7 pound, 12 ounce bundle of life.

That looked like a head sticking out of a burrito, but hey, let’s give the kid a chance to develop.

 You Make the Call. What would you have done?

I had yet to see the kid, and I am always down with gambling, so I chose my former roommates (I lived with him and his wife for a while) over the other party. The regifting party is always barrels of fun, and often at these parties you never know when inappropriate things are going to happen and if there will be pictures of it. (I am always concerned when someone plays “Lap Dance” by N.E.R.D too early.) But I wasn’t going to miss out on a chance to see my “nephew” in all his glory.

Let’s face it, I have all weekend to pull down my pants for no reason.

So, I went just expecting to hang out and see the kid and his mother, who is doing well.

What I wasn’t expecting was free stuff! Tonight’s unexpected haul:

1 – Some buddies of mine had just come back from Las Vegas, where they had attended the Adult Entertainment Expo. Not only did they meet the stars of the adult entertainment industry, but the guys were kind enough to bring back samples! So I have a few DVD’s to look at (should the mood strike me).

Now I know some of you look down on this sort of activity, and I’ll just say this: I don’t care. Sometimes a man has needs a little assistance to keep the beast within under control.

2 – A desktop computer! My friend was giving away his old one, and while his old one is old, it’s still an upgrade from the temporary one I have. For starters it actually has Windows XP on it (yep, that’s right). So the good news is, I finally can use the iPod nano I got with the Christmas gift card I got at work! Sure, I could have just upgraded ye olde laptop, but why bother, when I can haul a new desktop, ready to go, home!

Okay, and now the bad news: I ripped yet another pair of pants. I bent over to pickup the aforementioned computer, and suddenly, I am feeling a draft. I ripped my pants in the back, with my ass cheeks hanging out for the world to see. It kind of worked out, because my friend Hector felt sorry for me and gave me a ride all the way back to the ‘Burg (usually he just drops me off to the bus or the G train). But now I am down to one pair of pants.

To answer commenter Beth’s question in my previous post about this topic, I don’t think the fit is the problem. The pants I was wearing tonight, I thought, were fairly loose.

Overall, though, I think I made the right call. There’s a reason, after all ,the re-gifting gift is being re-gifted. And there’s no chance it would have been 1)porn or 2) a computer.

So if you said “poker night and seeing the baby”, You made the right call.

Unless, of course, I find out there was some sort of supermodels’ orgy.



  1. You totally made the right call. I heard Dana’s was a sausage fest… which I might have appreciated since I don’t have any DVDs. I missed the party too as I was called back to work at 10 p.m.

    So uh, can you recommend some DVDs?!

  2. You made the right call. Even without the porn and the computer (both huge wins), I always prefer real poker over the spaghetti-type. But that’s just because I’m a degenerate gambler.

    I skipped out too… worked late and went back to Jersey City (temporary crash-pad) where I checked out a few bars (lame) before heading to bed. I hear Juan went, though, and lost his pants at one point.

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