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Yes, management has told me that I have to get back to work. My little blogger’s strike is now officially over. I was told to do this or risk losing what was left of my dozens of readers to the reality blog “So, Who Are You Boning?”

But as you can see, some things have changed. Management lured me back by promising that I would no longer have to write code. Not that it was hard, but it was often time-consuming, my other gig on the series “In Over His Head Tax Accountant” continues to get in the way, so it’s probably for the best that I am no longer doing my own RSS feed and all kinds of other nonsense.

Unfortunately, I’ve decided to also take on a new name. Something my consultants say ‘signals the rebirth of my creative talent’ as well as my clear drinking problem. Truth be told, it did feel as if I’d run my course as Rum and Popcorn, and this did lead to a serious depression and much contemplation. But, now, as Well Whiskey Friday, I hope to take such dark feelings and spin it into sunshine and gold.

hey now!

hey now!hey now!Rum and Popcorn will continue to live on in reruns, worry not. However, much like Garry Shandling took it to the next level after “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show” to “The Larry Sanders Show“, I will attempt to take a leap forward to a whole new level. I await the cricket-like sound of the lack of comments yet again. So good to be back.



  1. Yay, you’re back!

    Solidarity in what are clearly alcoholic-named blogs.

  2. *fart*

  3. Mmmm… Well Whiskey…

    My throat burns just thinking about it.

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